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People are the single biggest competitive advantage a company has because you cannot replicate them.


The global FinTech sector is expected to reach $45 billion in value by 2020, growing steadily at a CAGR of 7.1%. India would play a crucial role, given that the backdrop is supportive. The Indian FinTech industry is expected to reach $2.4 billion by 2020. As per a PWC report, India offers the highest expected return on investment on FinTech projects at 29% versus a global average of 20%.

This sector has bright growth prospects due to many factors including:
  • The government has been pushing for financial inclusion, digitization and startup activity that has led to the introduction of policy initiatives which provide a strong foundation to the FinTech sector in India.
  • There are strategic partnerships happening between Fintech companies and the experienced traditional banking sector.
  • Moves like demonetization have given a massive fillip to the FinTech sector. Government policies in India are evolving quickly, providing a favourable backdrop for FinTech.

This fast growth of the sector comes with multiple challenges, most prominent among them being finding right people


Silverpeople has served FinTech industry from the very beginning. In fact, we have helped most of the FinTech companies operating in India to find the right talent across positions and set up the business in India.

We are amongst the top HR consulting companies who have built the right capability and resources for recruitment in the FinTech sector.

Representative Searches
  • Data scientist for a large electronic payment company
  • Research analyst for a credit rating product company
  • Fraud detection Manager for a Lending platform
  • Sales and Marketing Head for payment gateway company
  • Head of Technology for an AI FinTech company
  • Mobile Architect for online Insurance company
  • Visualization Engineer for a company dealing in Cryptocurrency
  • Investment Manager for a Bangalore based credit company
  • UI/UX designers for personal finance company
  • Portfolio Manager for a Delhi based B2C loan portal
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