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Keys point when evaluating a Resume

As a hiring manager, do you know how to go about evaluating resumes? While it may seem simple, it is very important to know where to begin, what to avoid and how to analyze every resume fairly and objectively. Here are important tips that will guide you in your candidate assessment process.

Resume summary: Carefully analyse the summary statement of the applicant’s qualifications and experience. If the candidate is actually interested in the job, he must have surely customized his/her summary for your job posting.

Presentation style: You should look for candidates that have clear communication, flawless presentation and correct spellings in their resume. It highlights their level of sincerity and attention to detail.

Relevant experience:  They should have got enough experience in similar functions, environments and for companies that are comparable to yours. Also, search for a clear record of achievement in the specific function for which you are hiring. The candidate should have taken up the challenges you need them to take in your organization.

Stability and Growth:  Make sure that your chosen candidate hasn’t hopped jobs every 6-8 months. Evaluate his growth in terms of salary and position during his tenure in every organization. New recruits are an investment in the company and it is essential that they stay long enough to give a good return on investment. While stability in an organization is good, you also don’t need a candidate with 15 years experience in a single company as it would mean he/she hasn’t got varied exposure of other markets and businesses. Depending on the industry, 3 to 8 years experience in a company is considered good.

Cultural Fit: Although it is difficult to gauge cultural fit with your company by just reviewing resumes, you can get some understanding based on the content that stands out. For example, if you are a number driven organization, you would want to recruit people who have a record of delivering on company objectives. Scan their resume for percentage growth, client satisfaction level, and other indicators of quantitative impact during their stint with other companies.

Recruiting is a specialized field and you have to make sure that you get the right talent on board. Employees drive your company and a wrong hiring can have a negative impact on its growth. You must take help of specialized Recruitment consultants if you feel that you lack the resources and expertise to hire the ideal talent for your organization.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
Posted by Silver People

Silverpeople, a venture by Uberlife Consulting Pvt. Ltd., offers complete recruitment solutions for all hiring/headhunting requirements in a Focused, Accurate and Time-bound manner (Proprietary FAT* Methodology). Silverpeople specializes and is placed strongly in 5 Industry verticals: Retail/E-Commerce, Education/Edutech, Fintech, Real estate and Big Data & Analytics.


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