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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Industry


Benefits of AI for the recruitment industry

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the recruitment industry is empowering the hiring managers to streamline the process. AI makes use of techniques like Natural language processing (NLP), Machine Learning and sentiment analysis to automate the screening process, offer recommendations about the prospective candidates regarding their experience, education and skillsets in a seemingly unbiased manner.

AI promises to automate the repetitive tasks such as screening of candidates through a huge pile of applications and helps recruiters to save time. Recruiters are making use of the saved time by better engaging with candidates who are chosen out of the screening. Majority of the hiring executives agree that screening the right candidates from a huge talent pool is one of the monotonous and difficult parts of their job.

Artificial Intelligence also helps in making the process of Talent mapping more efficient. By making use of Big data, hiring managers can ascertain their candidate needs in advance which aids them in developing a strategic plan for long-term hiring. Managers will have better vision to fill skill gaps, prepare the team for sudden changes in the workplace or prepare for hiring the talent in future. The realized better efficiencies in the processes can help save companies a substantial amount of time and money. Recruiters who are tech-savvy and are able to understand how AI is utilized in HR will see a better quality of hiring and less turnover. By using AI, recruiters can now get in touch with passive candidates who match the exact job requirements and could show interest once contacted.

Another major advantage of AI is that it can reduce bias during the hiring process by ignoring information on a candidate’s resume which may not be relevant for a particular job requirement, like age, gender, religion and race.

AI chatbots can improve the candidate’s experience by giving them feedback about their application. At present, a large percentage of candidates make a negative impression of a company if they don’t hear back after applying for the job. So, by deploying AI, companies will be able to make a better impression on applicants.

Will the Recruiters be replaced by AI?

The answer is NO. There is no need for recruiters to get worried since the automation of the recruitment process will give them more time to analyze an application and talk to candidates which is extremely necessary. The hiring process will always require a human intervention to understand the candidate profile, his expectations in detail and see the fitment.

By using AI, the recruiters will be able to better focus on their core work of engaging with a candidate while leaving the monotonous process of initial screening to algorithms and automation.No automated process will ever be able to do as good a job as recruiters in understanding the psychology of candidates that is so essential in making them accept job offers and closing positions.

Premier recruitment consulting companies like Silverpeople are already using the power of AI to empower their recruiters to deliver better results.
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Silverpeople, a venture by Uberlife Consulting Pvt. Ltd., offers complete recruitment solutions for all hiring/headhunting requirements in a Focused, Accurate and Time-bound manner (Proprietary FAT* Methodology). Silverpeople specializes and is placed strongly in 5 Industry verticals: Retail/E-Commerce, Education/Edutech, Fintech, Real estate and Big Data & Analytics.


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